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Some manifestations of psychosomatic problems:

Sleeping disorders
Panic attacks
Mental resignation
Behavioral and relationship problems
Emotional difficulties
Negative visualizations
Nape syndrome (Backaches, pains in shoulders, legs, arms or the spinal column)
Stiffness of joints
Colitis, colic
Grinding and neuralgia of teeth
Post-trauma shock
Post-surgery shock
Disorders of the central nervous system
Weak immune system

How are «psychosomatic problems» caused by?
All the emotions that hurt us and haven’t been expressed, are kept trapped inside the tissues of the body and result in chronic or acute pains, mental disorders and tensions, behaviour problems or dysfunctions of the hormone, reproductive, nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems. Our body has its own intelligence keeping in its memory «our history» from the time of our life as embryos to today. It continuously records to its cell memory, all our emotional reactions to the hard and traumatic physical and mental incidents of our life.

This record is gradually «somatized» and leads to several kinds of diseases, dysfunctions, imbalance or stiffness. Actually this is a particularly intelligent function of our body which warns us that «something goes wrong» and it needs our attention.

The deeper causes can be much simpler than we think and their treatment more direct and definite. In order to find out the «cause» of the patient’s pain, the practitioner uses chiropractic methods. His experienced hand knows which point to touch since he has a wide knowledge of the anatomy of the body part that he treats.

He also knows which movements will release any muscular tensions, tight membranes (fascia), blocks of joints, contractions of vessels or stiff internal organs. These phenomena are usually ignored in the typical medical tests although behind a pain, there is always an individual who suffers, The practitioner never ignores the psychological needs or any mood disorders that very often coexist with the pain.

The practitioner’s hand does not only alleviate the physical pain but also deals effectively with the psychological disorders, restoring the autonomy and balance of the individual.

Our relationship with the medical field
Under no circumstances can it be interpreted as our intervention in medical scientific diagnosis and treatment.

On the contrary, we encourage people to seek at the same time the help of classical medicine at all levels. Besides, we aim at the same goal which is the mental and physical health of each person with a different kind of holistic approach focusing on man rather on disease.

To avoid confusion, the word "therapy" is often interpreted as "treatment of disease" despite the declaration of the World Health Organization (WHO: world Health).