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Unity In Life
Some of the activities organized by our centre

Individual sessions
CranioSacral Somatoemotional Release
Method Dr. John E. Upledger
P. Michigan State University

Methode Dr. Danis Bois
Univercite de Seville – Pessoa

Method Dr. John E. Upledger

Methode Dr. Danis Bois

Group Sessions – Kinesi-physiotherapy
"Mouvement de vie"
Methode Dr. Danis Bois

Self-awareness and self-improvement seminars
«Heal the traumas of the past»
From infancy, school age or adolescence.

«My unknown self»
» Setting yourself free from «roles»

«Magnets and Traps»

«Couples Therapy – Relationship Therapy»
Relationships – Emotions – Creativity - Communication» Getting rid of negative behavior patterns.

«The sacred marriage of the brain and heart»
Harmonize the intelligence of the brain with the wisdom of the heart.

«The way to the higher knowledge and communication with the whole»
An empirical transcendental journey to the union with the perpetual flow of Cosmic Power.

Self-development seminars for adolescents
«Odysseus’ journey» - «A journey of life»

Special Seminar
«The sound vibration of the universe»
A cure for human beings – A cure for our planet.