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Unity In Life

Helena Zavou & Nikolaos Nakis
Modern Rehabilitation Centre of psychosomatic health, spiritual awakening and self-discovery

Craniosacral Balancing

A gentle, non-invasive and deeply effective holistic, scientific somatoemotional approach

Σεμινάρια και Εκδηλώσεις

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Unity In Life
Unity In Life is based in Singapore and Greece and is a modern centre which focuses on the restoration of psychosomatic health, spiritual awakening and self-awareness. We specialize in treatments which release the psychosomatic problems that appear as body pains and stiffness or emotional imbalances and tension as well as a combination of those.

The symptoms or disorders whose physical pathogeny has been medically diagnosed, are viewed as «somatized problems» created by unconscious mental traumas and deeper energy blocks which are increased by the uncontrollable daily stress.

Through the experience of the «session» the individual is supported to understand what lies behind his somatized problem so as to deal with the root cause recreating new bases of psychosomatic health, well-being , fulfillment and balance in his life..
The power of health and rebirth lies within. We know how to set it free.
Greece, Singapore
tel: +30 2105814745
Helena Zavou: 6946362343
Nikolaos Nakis: 6972519640
fax: +30 2105814745
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