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What is Craniosacral Balancing?

It is a gentle, non-intrusive and deeply effective holistic, scientific somatoemotional approach that supports the intelligence of the body to reveal the underlying cause of physical or psychological pain, organic or mental impairment or illness manifested the difficulties of human behavior and unconscious existence, of toxic negative emotions or beliefs, by offering relief and permanent solution.

In what way?
- Gentle touches on the body of 5 grams at `key`-positions stimulate the body's ability for self-defense, self-regulation and self-healing. We approach the "man and his background" as such is reflected on his body and rather than on his illness.
- From within the body, we support the man himself to understand, realize and be aware of the mechanisms of his behavior and beliefs that he adopted "sometime in the past» from traumatic events of his life and which eventually turned out to be toxic to his life, to review it from the perspective of "the feeling of the heart", by changing his perspective, finding again his balance, serenity, vitality, health, and especially the joy of life.

- In our approach the 'pain', be it physical or mental is a warning sign like the sound for a fire alarm.

- The sound is not the problem
- Sound has a cause
- precisely as the pain

You have the option to temporarily stop the pain or fix the root cause.
What is your choice?.

There are many reasons which account for somatoemotional disorder?
It is well known that
«"When the soul suffers, this is reflected in the body. And when the body suffers, this is reflected in the soul. ".

The main reasons of fazing a person:
Α) Defect to the body from external mechanical causes.
• E.g. A car accident, no matter whether it is serious or not, causes a strong contraction of body tissues, namely of the single binder system membrane (fascia) in which are wrapped all the organic components of the body (muscles, bones, arteries, nerves, organs). The result of this sudden contraction is hyper stimulation of the Nervous System which, unless it is treated immediately by a session, will cause the level of the base of stress in the body to rise which will in turn cause disharmony and dysfunction to settle, resulting in multiple diseases. • In addition, a blow on the head, the coccyx, or anywhere in the body, or perhaps a slap that may have been given, even in childhood, or an accident during a sports e.g. Ski, judo, tennis, basketball, etc., or a fall on the ground.
Β) Traumatic experiences of the past - from fetal life until today.
It is scientifically confirmed that the human brain is not the only storage part of memory. The body has a way to store events and situations experienced within all of its cells. Information imparted to the fetus from its mother can both identify and define the tendencies of its character. Traumatic experiences in infancy, childhood and adolescence penetrate us and are trapped in ourselves, like energy bombs that constantly affect and alter our behavior, thus gnawing our psychophysical balance.

Traumatic experiences of our life, such as:
Death of a beloved person
Domestic Conflicts
Psychological oppression
Verbal or physical abuse have an impact on us like "depth charges", which, unless they are gradually redeemed, will strike any organ within us or fill us with fears, inhibitions and insecurities.

Various fears that once nested in ourselves clatter everywhere in the body, and are reflected by tissue contraction e.g. stomach and by increasing the cardiovascular pulse.

Some of the problems tackled with the sessions
Stress and tension
Panic Attacks
Posttraumatic stress
Vertigo - Dizziness
Tinnitus Ear
Emotional difficulties
Central nervous system disorders
Before and during the pregnancy
Problems with concentration
Growth retardation
Learning difficulties
Musculoskeletal problems
Dyskinesia - Pain-Neck - middle - back - limbs
Aching joints
Before and after surgery
TMJ. Temporomandibular joint syndrome
Sports Injuries
Visceral pain (colic-colitis)

The therapies are usefull to many different problems and have multiple targets.

Whom it is addressed to
To those who want to eliminate one particular or unexpected “burden” that they have been borne with for many years.
To those who want to face fears and psycho-somatic problems, by looking into their cause so as to eliminate it.
To those who suffer from anxiety, addictive behaviors and problems in relation to the body, behavior and feelings.
To those who want better quality in their lives, approaching the deepest level of their existence, gaining self-knowledge.
In children, for elimination of tension in order to have good learning performance and well-balanced psycho-mental organization and concentration.
After any injury.
Before and after each surgery, both to prepare the body, and for faster recovery – follow-up treatment and elimination of cellular and psychological stress.
In pregnant women.
- For various unpleasant pains due to physiological changes in the body (e.g., pain in the spine, breathing difficulties, sciatica, insomnia, circulatory problems, and emotional changes.
- To prepare for a smooth delivery.
To ensure the healthy-somatoemaotioanal coordination of embryo with the mother.
To those interested in prevention, in order not to develop various medical and psychological problems.

Unity In Life

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